Step13 In collaboration with two i-act and MHFA practitioners and The Academy of Mental Fitness has done all the hard work of sifting the research and distilling the latest psychological thinking into a powerful and engaging training programme, backed up by clinical science.

You won’t find any dull PowerPoint presentations from us. Instead, our experts are all hand-selected for their ability to work intensively with groups of individuals, delivering stimulating, inspiring and thought-provoking sessions

Our aim is to create improvements that you’ll be able to measure and which positively impact your organisation. If needed, bespoke content can also be designed for the unique challenges of your industry, such as safety-critical environments.

Presented here is a selection of our most popular programmes which can be provided throughout London and the South East.

Over just three days*, your managers can become fluent in these evidence-based strategies, ready to deploy them straight away and give your organisation the edge for success.

*two days for the foundation course



This 2-day programme focuses on developing essential skills for everyone to keep themselves and those they manage healthy.

Whether it be recognising the early warning signs of mental illness, feeling uncomfortable with opening difficult conversations or putting into place strategies to obtain the sustainable best from a team, this Foundation Level covers the important bases.

As a result, managers will be better able to identify those who need support and empower those with long term mental health concerns or disabilities to thrive in work.

Communication Masterclass

Building on all the content of the Foundation Level, this ½ day programme incorporates unique and valuable content around mastering communication.

The aim is to help organisations create a supportive, open culture which stops preventable health issues from arising through an improved ability to handle crises, manage strained relationships, and offer new ways out of “stuck” situations

Changing the culture

At the highest level of an organisation, it is senior management and the leaders of tomorrow who have the ability to make a lasting difference through developing and embedding a positive and inspired corporate culture.

The material here forms a coherent unique collection of content, carefully curated over 3 days to provide the maximum amount of powerful, clinically-validated insights for the corporate world.